Our Quality Environment and OHS Policy


Our company has adopted the following principles as quality policy;

• To take customer satisfaction as a basis in all our activities.
• To increase the quality of personnel by showing the importance and sensitivity to education and awareness raising.
• To increase efficiency and efficiency by implementing continuous development and improvement in all units, ensuring efficient use of resources.
• To fulfill the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Standard and to continuously improve its effectiveness.


The most important target of our company is to minimize the negative effects that it may have on the environment in its service activities.
Our company undertakes to comply with the legal obligations of its activities in our country or in the countries studied.
Our company, in all of its activities; Takes and takes necessary measures to evaluate recyclable wastes, to reduce the use of limited natural resources, to prevent pollution due to environmentally hazardous wastes, to protect natural assets, not to adversely affect living life, not to pollute the environment and to develop positively.
Our company constantly improves its environmental management studies and efforts to reduce environmental impacts in all processes.


Our company believes in the principle of "safety first" in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, as it has adopted the target principle to carry out the processes required to ensure the Occupational Health and Safety of its employees and to have the tools necessary to ensure these processes. In order to apply this principle, all employees will strictly abide by the rules on occupational health and safety in their work. Because no job is so urgent and important that it endangers the life safety and health of our employees.
Our company; It undertakes to comply with all applicable Occupational Health and Safety legislation (laws, decrees, bylaws and regulations), international agreements, contracts and specifications in our country or the countries where it works, and to comply with the context of its organization and the nature of ISG risks and opportunities.
Our company considers it as an indispensable priority target to minimize accidents that may occur by preventing the possibility of accidents at its source and to avoid occupational diseases.
Our company will continue to work on all processes in OHS activities and will continuously improve it, thus minimizing the dangers.

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