S1 - S1P SRC

UPPER: Suede Leather + Holatech Air File (Maximum Air Circulation)
LINING: Rete Doppia (240 gr/m2 - Maximum Air Circulation)
TO®E CAP: Air-toe® Composit toe®
MIDSOLE: Kevlar (Only Produced with S1P Models)
FOOTBED: Air-Cooled Special Air Circulated Foot Bed
SOLE: BASF PU/PU (Double Density)
SIZE: 36 - 47

TOE 016 S1 TOE 016 S1P    

Safety Shoes
The importance of wearing safety shoes is well known, especially by those safetying in the kitchen, industry, textile safetyshops, production safetyshops, factories or the construction sector, perhaps even in the electronics sector. If you need safety shoes, then you know the importance of safety safety very well. Safety shoes with plastic soles and non-electric seams and special surface shoe laces covered with plastic are one of the biggest measures to prevent painful losses in the electronics and construction sector. Products that do not have electricity guarantee the health of the employees.

Safety Shoes Models
Safety shoe models are among the most used products in the category of safety safety materials. In many lines of safety that will require us to wear safety shoes, our organs closest to danger are our hands and feet. This requires more protection and measures for hands and feet. Of course, in this context, there are many factors that need to be considered in the selection of safety shoes, as the characteristics of each business line and the dangers it creates while safetying are different.

In general, the most injured organs in safety accidents are the feet. Unfortunately, our feet are constantly in danger due to the effects such as falling on the feet when we drop our belongings. Especially some dangers in the construction sector increase the importance of using safety shoes day by day. Also outside the construction sector; Using safety safety shoes in metal industry, textile safetyshops, factories, electrical areas and hot operations such as kitchens protects the feet to a large extent against external dangers.

These shoe models are generally included in the shoe model or boots we know. One of the biggest differences is whether there is an iron plate at the tip of the nose for safety purposes. Another difference is that these shoes can be worn in summer and winter, just like casual shoes, in summer and winter.

If the types of safety shoes are put in a certain order, it is possible to say that the things that determine the model and variety are the most different areas of use. For example, a construction safetyer should wear steel toe safety shoes. However, a cook who safetys in hot oils in the kitchen does not need to wear steel toe shoes. While some jobs require heavier and stronger safety shoes, some jobs only need to be lighter.

Safety Shoes Prices
When it comes to safety shoes, the price ranges vary by brand, model, and some features, just like other shoe models. Although there are not very obvious differences in price, there are still increases according to some features. While the prices of safety shoes start from around 59 TL, they have values ​​that play up to an average of 1000 TL according to their characteristics.

However, as an example, the purpose and quality of a safety shoes worth 100 TL and the usage purpose and quality of another 600 TL safety shoes should not be equal. For example, safety shoes with a value of 100 TL are a product used only at certain points and using hard plastic or rubber to protect from electricity, while safety shoes with a value of 600 TL have the necessary features for the construction sector in more severe conditions.

Safety shoes prices vary according to the model and features. For example, since summer safety shoes are produced from thinner materials, they can be a little more affordable than winter safety shoes. These prices vary according to the model you choose according to your needs.

What to Consider When Buying Safety Shoes
It may be natural to experience indecision when purchasing safety shoes because there are dozens of different types of safety shoes depending on the characteristics of the safety. In order to determine the features of the product required for the current job, it is necessary to benefit from certain risk analyzes. These risk analyzes are studies that reveal the dangers that employees may be exposed to and methods of protection from these dangers. First of all, it is essential to eliminate these dangers. After all these measures, it should be considered to prevent the effect of the danger with safety safety shoes.

However, of course, the right shoes should be chosen according to the dangers of the safety done in areas where the use of safety shoes is mandatory. For example, those safetying in construction safety should definitely prefer safety shoes with sole and toe protectors, that is, steel toe.

In such cases, it is possible to add different comfort features such as protection from cold and comfortable sole in addition to safety features. However, before comfort, the degree of safety is important. For example, those who safety in road construction People should definitely wear sturdy shoes with added heat resistance due to the danger of hot asphalt. For electrical safety, an insulating safety shoes must be chosen. Metal parts should not be included in such shoes because of the electrical hazard.

Safetyers safetying in the food sector, on the other hand, can use suitable shoes to prevent the transport of microorganisms in their safety areas and to create a hygienic environment. In these types of shoes, orthopedic models that do not sweat due to the safetying environment should be preferred.

Like all other safety safety equipment used, safety safety shoes should be produced and used according to some regulations and standards. There are regulations that describe how to produce safety shoes, what features they should have, how to choose them, and other necessary factors. These regulations should be examined and the most suitable equipment should be selected by the business lines. To find out which standards the shoes are produced in, you can check the product label on the tongue part of the shoe before purchasing your shoes. Although this may seem simple, you need to make sure that this is the right product that can protect you during safety.

Some tests are carried out to measure that safety shoes meet the conditions specified in certain standards. When choosing your shoes, it is very important for health to check whether these tests are performed and make your choice accordingly.

For example, the toe protector, which is very important in these shoes, is placed on the front of the shoe to be bought. This steel piece is a curved piece of steel that is placed to protect the fingers from impacts. Removing the toe protectors is not healthy, so they must be combined with the shoes so that they cannot be removed without damaging the shoe.

In such shoes, in order to prevent the product from causing discomfort to the foot, there should be an end covering that goes in at least 5 millimeters from the rear edge of the nose protector and at least 10 millimeters in the opposite direction. This end cover is also called support band. In addition, a sink resistant plate from the bottom is a part added to the bottom of the shoe so that sharp materials such as nails do not damage the foot. As the last factor, when the shoes are worn, the protective layer of the upper part should be made in a way that it spreads the pressure that occurs when the impact occurs to the sole and to the width of the foot surface as much as possible. This is one way to minimize damage from heavy items falling on the foot.

How Should Safety Shoes Be Protected?
As the health of the safetyers is at stake, the importance of safety shoes is unquestionably great. This is why safety shoes can only be used for many years if they are well cared for and protected. As those who use safety shoes will know, the biggest problem of using these shoes is the fungus that occurs in a short time. If you do not want to see these fungi on your feet, you should ventilate your shoes for at least half the time you wear them. For example, you safety 12 hours. You should ventilate it by leaving it on the balcony from night to morning. Otherwise, fungus formation may appear on your feet. If you safety in a chemical factory, you should immediately wipe your safety shoes with a damp cloth until you are sure that they have been completely cleaned. In such cases, you should never apply to an additional chemical, even stay away from chemicals with cleaning properties. If you try to remove this chemical by using a piercing or cutting tool or sanding, you will damage the shoe.

You should paint and polish your shoes regularly, without getting too in the way. Just as new clothes make a person look more stylish and clean clothes do not affect their health badly, polish and paint will affect the health of your shoes. In addition, care should be taken to keep these shoes away from extremely hot environments. No matter how durable safety shoes are, high temperatures may cause the structure inside the shoe to deteriorate. It will be sufficient to keep it at room temperature when you are not wearing it.

The Importance of Shoes in Safety
The shoes, which should be preferred for the health of the feet, which are in shoes all day, should be especially comfortable and breathable. First, the comfort of the shoe is checked. Then, features such as the quality and model of the shoe should be considered. Another detail is the suitability of using the shoes according to the safetyplace. So; Models such as boots, boots or slippers may differ depending on the area of ​​use.
While shoes are preferred for safetyplaces, comfort and flexibility are taken into consideration first. Flexible models with medium soles are especially preferred.

This type of shoes is also very suitable for daily use. It offers the quality required for the feet without tiring the person and making them comfortable all day. There are also safety shoes models that can be preferred according to the safetyplace. These safety shoe models are specially produced and protect the feet against adverse conditions in the safetyplace. Safety shoes can be preferred in different structures depending on the season and conditions.

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