S1 - S1P SRC

UPPER: Suede Leather + Cordura Textile (Maximum Air Circulation)
LINING: Rete Doppia (240 gr/m2 - Maximum Air Circulation)
TOE® PROTECTION: Air-toe® Composit toe®
MIDSOLE: Kevlar (Only Produced with S1P Models)
FOOTBED: Air-Cooled Special Air Circulated Foot Bed
SOLE: BASF PU/PU (Double Density)
SIZE: 36 - 47


Make the right choices in EMA Safety Shoes and work safety shoes. Keep your work safety at the highest level with the qualified features of non-metallic composite nose shoes.

EMA Safety Shoes in the field of occupational safety and occupational safety in the field of nearly 30 years of experience and experience; the content we prepared for you, our valuable readers, are outstanding composite metal safety shoes and boots which are remarkable with their zero metal properties.

In the field of occupational health and safety, composite nose shoes, which are among the procurement supplies of the institutions operating in heavy industry, industrial industry, construction and energy sectors, are the first in the selection of work safety and worker shoes.

The EMA Safety Shoes features composite toe shoes and boots with outstanding features; metal, which does not contain electricity, full of strength, high corrosion resistance (light weight, dimensional stability, impact resistance, flame retardant, non-conductive) prevailing, wear, fatigue, fracture and thermal conductivity all of the features of a long-lasting, mechanical strength has a very high qualifications.

In today's working conditions, composite nose shoes and boots, which are among the priority preferences according to occupational health and occupational health laws, meet their needs in important institutions such as aircraft and space defense industry which also includes many industrial sectors. In recent years, the municipal furniture sector has been heavily used in infrastructure products and has been receiving serious demands in recent years. If we list the advantages of the composite; because many properties of composite materials vary considerably from metals, they have gained high importance compared to metal materials. The low specific gravity of the composites brings the advantage of use. In addition, corrosion-resistant, heat, sound and electrical insulation of fiber-reinforced composite materials provide superiority for their respective applications.

EMA Safety Shoes composite shoe shoe and boots in the alternative model mix, design power and qualified track thanks to the production line to meet your demands, work shoes will allow you to make the right choices.

BASF Cevahir Evolution 2 Hassan Group Hawai Manifattura Metal Free Orthoflex
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