Ema Shoes New Brand TOE

Ema Shoes New Brand TOE

Developed with superior quality and privilege for the safety and industrial footwear industry; The TOE in the A Class segment will bring a brand new breath to the sector.

Developed by the most important shoe designer in Italy; The TOE brand work shoe, which was realized by Hakan ERCAN, the founder and chairman of Ema İş Shoes, will make a difference in the next generation work shoes.

Ema Work Shoe, which continues its services with its innovative design initiatives, R & D and innovation-based activities in the business safety and industrial footwear sector, meets the needs of the sector's work safety shoes with TOE brand, while combining elegance with a sporty look always ready to be with you.

TOE branded products are in Class A; SRC outer sole with ecological leather; The non-slip, flexible and lightweight features help the feet to move smoothly. Non-rusting, lightweight, cold and heat resistant composite protection; It offers excellent comfort while protecting from impact impacts. Ultra soft inner sole; It provides extraordinary comfort while taking the shape of the foot in every step and prevents the foot from being stuffed with its double layer structure. Air Cooled feature, where aesthetics are kept at the forefront, provides more comfort and comfort to your every step with breathable body while providing the users with an excellent experience and providing the highest efficiency.

Wide range of colors and models, with serial numbers up to 47 from 36, SSO work with an alternative brand of shoes was designed for very nature of Turkey's most prestigious and elite institutions. The foot health and comfort of the user is kept in the forefront of the TOE, extraordinary light, flexible, durable and ergonomic structure with anti-bacterial properties. In addition to its superior qualities, it brings a whole new perception to the sector of safety shoes with its collection of models, colors and leather as well as the collection of spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The TOE brand, whose environmental awareness and sustainability principle is kept at the highest level during the production phase, has taken its place in the sector with certificates in compliance with European norms and standards.

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